Friday, December 07, 2012

Pinoy Tiangge: Ready, Steady, Bid!

     Hey guys! It's been a long time since I blogged! But none the less, I usually blog when I come into something really interesting! So, without further adieu, I want to share with you guys the perks of bidding! I discovered this cool website last August while I was looking for free and easy ways to win gadgets from the internet. After a few browsing and clicks, I came into this website called "Pinoy Tiangge". Yeah, it is a site wherein you bid and win free gadgets for a really price. And when I mean "low price", I am talking about making your PISO count! You heard me right! With the coins in your piggy bank, you can already afford to buy the uber-popular iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Nikon DSLR, and many more high-tech gadgets!

     To tell you the truth, I have never won anything yet from Pinoy Tiangge! BUT WAIT!! Don't click the "x" button because I said that! I'm not a pro at this, and I don't have much experience on bidding. But hey! It's not about always winning, it's about having fun! Every time I log into my Auction account, I feel the thrill and excitement of having a chance to win an expensive gadget at a low cost. I can sense that urge to bid, because believe it or not, once you start bidding for the first time, then you will find yourself sitting in front of your computer monitor for hours. But that's not a bad thing, it only means that you really ENJOY the site. Now you're understanding my point, I don't bid to win at all times, but I bid for the fun and the joy I get. Whenever I click the "bid" button, I never hesitate, I bid wholeheartedly since I want to win.

     I know, I know.. You are thinking this is all a scam eh? Why not check for yourself in their winner testimonials and their videos on YouTube. There are many people in the country who already won in this bidding site. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, or whatever you call yourself, you can WIN. That is what I really love about Pinoy Tiangge. Everyone has the chance to win. Maybe I haven't had had my time yet, but in the future I believe I will. It changed the way I think about bidding sites. I always thought that bidding sites will just drain the money from your wallets, but I stand corrected. Now, I have hope of becoming a winner someday because whenever I see a new winner in their videos, I think to myself that, "hey, I was like them before.. But now they already actually won something.. cool!". Because of this, I am now more thrilled to bid!

   This blog is really getting long now, and I believe you might get bored :) But this is a proof that I have a ton lot of good things to say about Pinoy Tiangge! That is how I LOVE Pinoy Tiangge! My final message for you is: You may not be always on the top, but believe that you will rise above your weaknesses someday. This only means that you may not win all the time, but trust in yourself that you will have your chance someday, as long as you have dedication and the will to succeed. 

Here are some of the gadgets that you may win for less that 2 pesos!! (As seen from above)

    Now what are you waiting for!!! Start bidding now and you might just become "in" with your new gadget tomorrow! Who knows, you might win on your first try! There is really nothing to lose! If you want to check out their website, visit this adress:   and

Love y'all and Peace!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Blackrapid RS-4 Sling Camera Strap is Love!

RS-4 Strap
     I recently went through several camera stores, looking for a good strap for my camera. I wanted to get a new strap because the strap that Canon gives you is a pain in the neck-- literally. After some research done, I looked for Blackrapid straps because I believe they suit my needs. Luckily, I was able to find a Blackrapid RS-4 Sling Camera Strap, which is their classic strap in their line-up. I immediately bought it because it was their last stock.

    The RS-4 Strap feels great and comfortable even though you're carrying a huge lens and body with you. I honestly thought that the screw-on type attachment is very dangerous because it may drop your expensive camera anytime. But I was wrong, very wrong. It was one of the sturdiest straps I've tried. I jumped a few times, ran then jumped even more, but the camera was still there and the buckles were still tight. That's great news for me. Adjusting the strap for my height was no problem at all. It took me roughly 3 minutes to adjust and I'm ready to go. The strap also came with a small pocket on the padding near the shoulder where you can keep two more SD cards. What I really like about this strap is that the camera is ready to use anytime. It is made for speed and your camera is always accessible.They also gave me a free sticker!

    My strap came with an EOS logo at the back, which I really loved since I'm a Canon user. All in all, I could say that every penny I've spent on it was worth it. I would recommend this to photographers out there who are having a hard time carrying heavy gear.

You may check blackrapid's RS-4 here for sale:

Friday, June 01, 2012

Every Photographer's Gear: The Prime Lens

Lenses from left to right: Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 USM Lens, Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens and Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 L USM Lens.
     It is said that prime lenses are a must have in a photographer's camera bag. But is it really important for your everyday shooting? Canon and Nikon have already released a couple of prime lenses in their lens line-up. But what really is a prime lens?

Creamy bokeh behind the subject(duck).
     A prime lens is lens with a fixed-focal length, meaning that you can't zoom in or out with this lens. The focal lengths vary from 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, etc.. Prime lenses tend to have larger apertures, mostly ranging from f/1.2 onwards. With a large aperture like this, you will be able to capture a photograph with a creamy "bokeh"(meaning to blur the out-of-focus part in the photo). This "bokeh" will really step-up your pictures into a whole new level. Also, you will have an easier time shooting in low-light conditions because more light can pass through the lens, giving you faster shutter speeds. Thus, this lens is outstanding in wedding photography.

    Some people may still want a zoom lens for more flexibility, but for me, I would rather get a prime first before getting telephoto lenses like the 70-200 f2.8. This is because prime lenses are cheaper, more compact and easier to travel with.

 ---Ask me how I zoom with a prime lens. I use my God-given legs. :)

The New Canon L Lens: 24-70 f/2.8L USM

      Canon has released its new L lens a few months ago, the Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II which has a new design and improved optics, giving its users better quality photos and a more durable lens. This lens was released together with two more lenses, the EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM and EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM.

      Canon has made a more compact, smaller lens, making it easier for photographers to go on photo-walks and photo shoots without carrying a heavy load on their neck. To reduce the chromatic aberration and colour blurring the previous EF 24-70 model had, they added two Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) and one Super UD aspherical elements with the new design. The minimum focusing distance was also cut down to 0.38 meters, giving photographers even a closer space to the subject.

    This is the latest entry in the L- Series lenses of Canon. This lens provides an Ultrasonic Motor, for a more silent and faster focusing speeds. It allows full-time manual focus like most of the USM lenses offer in the Canon line-up. It features a weather-sealing protecting it from bad weather, rain, dust ,etc., that may enter and harm your camera.

     The only drawback is that although Canon made significant changes and new designs on the lens, they still weren't able to add an Image Stabilization. Tamron has also released it's new 24-70mm in their lens line-up, but this time it already had VC (Vibration Compensation) which is the first 24-70 to have an image stabilization.

     This is a great lens for full-frame cameras in the market today. But for a lesser price you can get a Tamron with Vibration Compensation to lessen camera shakes and to stabilize the image. As for me, if I had the money, I would definitely go for the Canon lens. The Tamron is no match for its new design and durability. On the other hand, If I want a good enough lens with good quality photos with the price of $700 less than the Canon's $2200, I would go for the new Tamron.

Review: Canon 5d Mark III

     Canon has finally released it's new camera in the market, the much-awaited 5D Mark III. After four years of waiting, the Canon 5D Mark II's successor has finally arrived. I will be discussing the specs of this camera and if it will be a good buy or not.

    The Canon 5D Mark III is probably one of the best DSLR camera Canon has made, or better yet one of the "top of the line" cameras in the whole field of photography. With its 22.3 mega pixels full-frame CMOS sensor, you will surely shoot photos with staggering quality. This camera also has faster processing speeds with its new Digic 5 processor, an upgrade from the 5D Mark II's Digic 4 processor. This allows the camera to shoot 6 frames per second, rather than the 3.9 fps from the Mark II. It also improved it's ISO range, now from ISO 50, extendable to 102800. Shooting video with this camera gave it a huge step-up against the earlier models. You can shoot while monitoring levels on screen. It also gives a 60 frame per second video shooting on 720p quality. Canon also added a headphone jack for easy reviewing of videos and a larger screen (additional .2" diagonally) for better viewing.

   What may really intruige the photographers out there in buying this camera is its new 61Point Autofocus. It made auto focusing more snappy and even more consistent than the 5D Mark II (9 Point Focus Only). This camera has a silent shutter mode, making it appropriate for weddings and shooting animals. Features that made the Mark III differ from the Mark II are the HDR Shooting, Multiple Exposure and Side by side comparison.
    All in all, I would say The new Canon 5D Mark III is a huge step-up from the Mark II. But the price is a huge problem. You can buy a Canon 5d Mark II with a good L lens for the price of the 5D Mark III body. At the end of the day, the decision is still in your hands. Will you need a $3500 body or just stick with the older model and grab a good lens? Ask yourself.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Canon t31/600D/Kissx5

CANON t3i! Buy now! Save more from AMAZON! ALWAYS TRUSTED


Greetings to all!
      I've been reading news about the well-anticipated iPhone 5 this year. The release dates were viral in the internet, with inconsistent data, making it hard for people to determine exactly when will they be able to put the product in their very hands.
         As time passes by, new rumors enter the house, thus making it even more complicated for us. Together with the rumored dates, are the expected features that the new iPhone will have. The said iPhone 5 will have added features like a slimmer design, laser keyboard and a holographic display. This is a video of the rumored new features of the iPhone(NOTE: The video is not mine and is a property of respectful owners. Video from YouTube)

       The features may seem very appealing to the eye, but no one exactly knows if they are authentic. Well as for me, I will try to compare it to other videos and see if they have similarities. The video really intrigued the viewer's eyes, but then again, it adds up to all the confusion we have attained. Having these new features will have drawbacks too. You will surely use up your iPhone's battery life when you have all these new features at hand, so what we really need is a long battery life. Second, The Laser Keyboard will only be used f you have a flat surface to type on to, and no strong light like the sun to overpower it. So this feature not be used all of the time. Lastly, the holographic display seems hard to believe since the device is only a phone, but who knows?

     My advice to all is to stay put, and wait for Apple's keynote. Who will really release the product? The people making these videos or Apple? Of course, Apple, so be patient and wait for their announcement. I've recognized a technique by Apple that really makes people buy their products. In my opinion, Apple may actually have all the new features that will sum up to newer versions of the iPhone, but they put new features one at a time or even more but not all, so that they would get more buyers in the future.

     Finally, the upcoming iPhone 5 may not be for all the users, some may by brand new iPhone 4's even if the 5th generation is out. Some people may just stick to the features that would make them satisfied, and not go for the high-end ones. The choice is in your hands, but remember, iPhones nowadays are expensive, so buy what you really want; the greatest phone is not the newest ones, but the one that best fits the person.

 I hope you liked my blog and opinions and please comment what you think too.
Thank you
---Christian Perreras

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