Friday, December 07, 2012

Pinoy Tiangge: Ready, Steady, Bid!

     Hey guys! It's been a long time since I blogged! But none the less, I usually blog when I come into something really interesting! So, without further adieu, I want to share with you guys the perks of bidding! I discovered this cool website last August while I was looking for free and easy ways to win gadgets from the internet. After a few browsing and clicks, I came into this website called "Pinoy Tiangge". Yeah, it is a site wherein you bid and win free gadgets for a really price. And when I mean "low price", I am talking about making your PISO count! You heard me right! With the coins in your piggy bank, you can already afford to buy the uber-popular iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Nikon DSLR, and many more high-tech gadgets!

     To tell you the truth, I have never won anything yet from Pinoy Tiangge! BUT WAIT!! Don't click the "x" button because I said that! I'm not a pro at this, and I don't have much experience on bidding. But hey! It's not about always winning, it's about having fun! Every time I log into my Auction account, I feel the thrill and excitement of having a chance to win an expensive gadget at a low cost. I can sense that urge to bid, because believe it or not, once you start bidding for the first time, then you will find yourself sitting in front of your computer monitor for hours. But that's not a bad thing, it only means that you really ENJOY the site. Now you're understanding my point, I don't bid to win at all times, but I bid for the fun and the joy I get. Whenever I click the "bid" button, I never hesitate, I bid wholeheartedly since I want to win.

     I know, I know.. You are thinking this is all a scam eh? Why not check for yourself in their winner testimonials and their videos on YouTube. There are many people in the country who already won in this bidding site. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, or whatever you call yourself, you can WIN. That is what I really love about Pinoy Tiangge. Everyone has the chance to win. Maybe I haven't had had my time yet, but in the future I believe I will. It changed the way I think about bidding sites. I always thought that bidding sites will just drain the money from your wallets, but I stand corrected. Now, I have hope of becoming a winner someday because whenever I see a new winner in their videos, I think to myself that, "hey, I was like them before.. But now they already actually won something.. cool!". Because of this, I am now more thrilled to bid!

   This blog is really getting long now, and I believe you might get bored :) But this is a proof that I have a ton lot of good things to say about Pinoy Tiangge! That is how I LOVE Pinoy Tiangge! My final message for you is: You may not be always on the top, but believe that you will rise above your weaknesses someday. This only means that you may not win all the time, but trust in yourself that you will have your chance someday, as long as you have dedication and the will to succeed. 

Here are some of the gadgets that you may win for less that 2 pesos!! (As seen from above)

    Now what are you waiting for!!! Start bidding now and you might just become "in" with your new gadget tomorrow! Who knows, you might win on your first try! There is really nothing to lose! If you want to check out their website, visit this adress:   and

Love y'all and Peace!


  1. yes i didnt win any of major bids but i always go to this site always to see the winners and im happy to them even do i am not the winner good luck pinoy tiangge

  2. sus,,, binayran ng pinoy tiangge yan.. scam yun... maniniwala ka bang ung bidder talagng tumatagl bidding ng ilang oras. ehh imposibbleng hindi nila maubos pang bids nila

  3. Yes, pinoytiangge is somewhat scam. Check the trend. Pag walang legit bidder(s), hindi umaabot ng 10.00 up yung winning bid. pero pag may legit bidder umaabot ng 100+. meron kasi kaming tinatawag na "hacker", yung employee na magbi-bid para i-hack up yung price ng item. Usually pag naka 80% na ng amount yung legit bidder saka na ipinapanalo.

  4. so not all bidder's in pinoytiangge is not legit bidder? somewhat is dummy? is it true? anyone here know the truth? Highy appreciate your feedback. thanks

  5. I already tried to join the site and start bidding, but from what I've seen. They have tactics on how they play the game. I know its written in their help desk that they don't use bots, but for me I think. They use people where they give them unlimited bids to drain all the bid points of their users who bid. No offend sir its just my opinion. By the way I think your advertising pinoytiangge because of the recruitment bonus. If someone clicked the link that you gave. They will be registered under your name

  6. you people just dont get it. or maybe wala lang kayo budget to bid. of course people will spend a few thousand pesos to win an item with a much higher value. porke wala kayo pambili ng madaming bid points scam na? try nyo gumastos ng 14k for an item that cost 40k, masama pa ba un? pwede din ibenta for a good profit.check nyo din kasi ung value nung items, xempre kung mababa value konti lang maging interesado. and yes umaabot talaga ng ilang oras ung bidding.

  7. its a scam.. highest bidder ako since last night at ung 1 hr inantay ko pa matapos...but wait... hindi sya natatapos :/ the clock stops at 1sec. tapos pagirefresh babalik sa 1 hr and 22mins. tried waiting 3 times pero it really stops at 1 second and nothing happens. BUDOL. don't promise something unreal. guys, don't waste your time in pinoy tiangge