Friday, September 09, 2011


Greetings to all!
      I've been reading news about the well-anticipated iPhone 5 this year. The release dates were viral in the internet, with inconsistent data, making it hard for people to determine exactly when will they be able to put the product in their very hands.
         As time passes by, new rumors enter the house, thus making it even more complicated for us. Together with the rumored dates, are the expected features that the new iPhone will have. The said iPhone 5 will have added features like a slimmer design, laser keyboard and a holographic display. This is a video of the rumored new features of the iPhone(NOTE: The video is not mine and is a property of respectful owners. Video from YouTube)

       The features may seem very appealing to the eye, but no one exactly knows if they are authentic. Well as for me, I will try to compare it to other videos and see if they have similarities. The video really intrigued the viewer's eyes, but then again, it adds up to all the confusion we have attained. Having these new features will have drawbacks too. You will surely use up your iPhone's battery life when you have all these new features at hand, so what we really need is a long battery life. Second, The Laser Keyboard will only be used f you have a flat surface to type on to, and no strong light like the sun to overpower it. So this feature not be used all of the time. Lastly, the holographic display seems hard to believe since the device is only a phone, but who knows?

     My advice to all is to stay put, and wait for Apple's keynote. Who will really release the product? The people making these videos or Apple? Of course, Apple, so be patient and wait for their announcement. I've recognized a technique by Apple that really makes people buy their products. In my opinion, Apple may actually have all the new features that will sum up to newer versions of the iPhone, but they put new features one at a time or even more but not all, so that they would get more buyers in the future.

     Finally, the upcoming iPhone 5 may not be for all the users, some may by brand new iPhone 4's even if the 5th generation is out. Some people may just stick to the features that would make them satisfied, and not go for the high-end ones. The choice is in your hands, but remember, iPhones nowadays are expensive, so buy what you really want; the greatest phone is not the newest ones, but the one that best fits the person.

 I hope you liked my blog and opinions and please comment what you think too.
Thank you
---Christian Perreras

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  1. Great Review! Keep it up!:)

  2. Great! Now I am not that confused:)