Sunday, June 03, 2012

Blackrapid RS-4 Sling Camera Strap is Love!

RS-4 Strap
     I recently went through several camera stores, looking for a good strap for my camera. I wanted to get a new strap because the strap that Canon gives you is a pain in the neck-- literally. After some research done, I looked for Blackrapid straps because I believe they suit my needs. Luckily, I was able to find a Blackrapid RS-4 Sling Camera Strap, which is their classic strap in their line-up. I immediately bought it because it was their last stock.

    The RS-4 Strap feels great and comfortable even though you're carrying a huge lens and body with you. I honestly thought that the screw-on type attachment is very dangerous because it may drop your expensive camera anytime. But I was wrong, very wrong. It was one of the sturdiest straps I've tried. I jumped a few times, ran then jumped even more, but the camera was still there and the buckles were still tight. That's great news for me. Adjusting the strap for my height was no problem at all. It took me roughly 3 minutes to adjust and I'm ready to go. The strap also came with a small pocket on the padding near the shoulder where you can keep two more SD cards. What I really like about this strap is that the camera is ready to use anytime. It is made for speed and your camera is always accessible.They also gave me a free sticker!

    My strap came with an EOS logo at the back, which I really loved since I'm a Canon user. All in all, I could say that every penny I've spent on it was worth it. I would recommend this to photographers out there who are having a hard time carrying heavy gear.

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